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Anonymous asked: I can top both you cussing stories: my best friend and i were walking in the hallway and someone tapped her shoulder and she spun around and said "the fuck do you want whoreface?" Because another one of our friends had been doing that all day. It was the guidance counselor

you win

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I went back and imported the bloodsoaked version

runningwolf62 asked: I can top that story. I called a girl a stupid bitch in front of the head principal.

oh shit


Ssssoooo….. Apparently I hate myself….


I hit a brick wall with my Vithya picture, so have a Kevin.

There were going to be eye-stalks coming out of his throat, too! But then I was lazy.

Remember when I was doing a presentation and I stuttered and muttered “fuck” after it and the whole class heard and my teacher was glaring at me the whole time 

haha remember that kids 


Queer Snakes!!

From left to right, homosexual, bisexual, trans*, pansexual, genderqueer, genderfluid, asexual, aromantic, polyamorous, and polysexual!

I actually got some really pretty looking snakes from these color schemes!  If I missed one, let me know!!

[Available as prints and shirts/hoodies on my society6!]

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Thank you for 300+ followers let me give all of you a tattoo-tentacle hug ♥

Thank you for 300+ followers let me give all of you a tattoo-tentacle hug 

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This wig was supposed to make me look like Suzy Bishop but instead now I look like one of those hot moms who volunteers at girl scout meetings