Mad Men Challenge
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 Peggy Olson

"I don’t think anyone wants to be one of a hundred colors in a box."


Cary Fagan


trying to draw ppls bodies after not doing it for a while



i cannot


I don’t post selfies I post masterpieces


Please only use funky fresh, top notch memes


Please only use funky fresh, top notch memes


Hiking the MacKinnon Pass, New Zealand

National Geographic | January 1978

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remembersunflowers asked: I HAVE THAT SUPERMAN COMIC TOO


Funfact: that comic book i’m holding in the pics is actually a genuine vintage comic from 1950-something or other that belonged to my dad as a kid uwu And its super super fragile so I only took 1 picture with it and put it right back because it was falling apart 


And Now… The Weather | Part 2 of ?: Episodes 9 - 32 | [Listen] | [DDL]

A mix of tunes for each episode of Welcome to Night Vale

"We understand the lights. We understand the lights above the Arby’s. We understand so much."

Part 1


In 1974, photographer Daniel Sorine stumbled upon two mimes in Central Park and took a few moments to photograph the duo as they quietly performed. Almost 35 years later, the New York-based photographer came across the negatives and realized that one of those talented fellows in the park was actually a young Robin Williams.