So I gave Cecil the original drawing of the picture he tweeted a few weeks back and I said “Listen, I noticed that you tweeted my drawing, and so I just wanted to give you this-” and I pulled it out and the look on his face was incredible and he gasped and said “….YOU drew this?! I LOVE THIS OH mY GOD!” and then Joseph and Jeffrey came over and were just “OMg YOU WERE THE ONE WHO DREW THAT?” And then like, 10 people in line were like “SO IT WAS YOU!? OmG YOURE AMAZING” And then he talked a bit on why he loved it, then he gave me a hug and asked me to sign the picture for him, but my hand was shaking too much so I ended up scribbling my name on the side and then I took a picture with him and left and started crying because I was just so overwhelmed and happy and this is just one of the best moments of my life.  

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